Crossy Road
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Crossy Road

Crossy Road

Crossy Road is an amazing game in which you must avoid oncoming traffic, jump over logs, sidestep trains, and collect cash all while taking in the gorgeous pixel art!

How to Play

The 8-bit arcade game hopper that started it all was called Crossy Road. In order for the chicken to survive, you will need to assist it in across the road. This game will test your ability to respond quickly. Your chicken will make many attempts to traverse a variety of obstacles, including roads, tracks, rivers, and railway crossings.


You'll be able to play Crossy Road on your television set if you have Android TV.
There are over 150 characters available, each with a vintage design influenced by pop art.
You are able to hop indefinitely even after across obstacles such as highways, railroad lines, and rivers.
Same device multiplayer
Inventive gameplay that is unadulterated and uncomplicated
Enjoy no-cost gaming.

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