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In the entertaining and compulsive game Doodle Jump, you must jump on springs while dodging all different kinds of silly foundations.


The main character in this game is Doodle. On a sheet of checkered paper, Doodle moves and hops across several backgrounds. Dark-colored foundations should be avoided since they are more prone to crack. You may increase your vertical leap by jumping on springs. Grab a jet pack and use your nose ball to blast off hordes.

Following these guidelines is the only way to achieve success.

  • There are several methods to speed up and raise your score in Doodle Jump.
  • Use the springs to make your tiny alien bounce higher.
  • Jump gently and cautiously to avoid smacking them in the face. You may advance and shoot them more easily.

Other games in which you have to jump as much as you can to pass all levels and pass obstacles may help you have fun! In the intriguing adventure game Geometry Jump, you must use your quick reflexes to get past every challenge and have fun with the daring obstacles! Knife Jump is an awesome online game in which you need to flip the knife and slice amazing obstacles in the juiciest way!

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