Drive Mad 11: Truck Driving
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Drive Mad 11: Truck Driving

Drive Mad 11: Truck Driving

The objective of Drive Mad 11: Truck Driving is to navigate the roads with the trucks and avoid colliding with any of the many hazards you'll encounter along the way.

How to Play Drive Mad 11: Truck Driving

Truck Driving has just been released. Vehicles included, this newer version of the game is either more fun or less tedious than the last. There are now 13 stages, and more will be added in the future. Large trucks might be challenging to operate, but they do have certain benefits. They are less likely to topple over and are more stable.


The most gruesome challenges often present themselves out of nowhere and are very difficult to conquer. I can tell you that not all levels will be equally challenging. There will be some paths with simple challenges. If you want to get over the gaps, you'll need to speed up, but not so much that you become stuck. If you move the truck quicker than is strictly required, you may spin it around.

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