Drive Mad 5: Pickup Truck
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Drive Mad 5: Pickup Truck

Drive Mad 5: Pickup Truck

The objective of Drive Mad 5: Pickup Truck, one of the most thrilling installments in the Drive Mad series, is to navigate the highways with the trucks while avoiding collisions. How to Play Drive Mad 5: Pickup Truck puts you behind the wheel of a pickup truck in extreme environments including the winter, the mountains, and even the moon.


As we move the vehicle, the room shifts and destabilizes the load within. With the already-challenging road conditions, your duties will go much beyond simple vehicle operation. You've had to beat the odds and drive the small pickup truck to the finish line. You may approach it as you choose.

One cannot prescribe a single course of action. By becoming more proficient with the keyboard, you may overcome any challenge. It is impossible to move with too much caution and restraint. There are a lot of challenges that need to be dealt with rapidly. The ability to step on the gas while keeping your balance is a key for both you and your companion. I wish you the best of luck.

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