Drive Mad 7: Drive Monster
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Drive Mad 7: Drive Monster

Drive Mad 7: Drive Monster

One of the most thrilling entries in the Drive Mad series, Drive Mad 7: Drive Monster tasks you with navigating a fleet of trucks through increasingly difficult environments.

Instructions for Drive Mad 7: Drive Monster

There will be a huge wheel in Drive Mad 7, and it will be explained in detail. Navigate the parkours with the help of your monster pickup truck and its very powerful engine. If you make a mistake on these routes, you may as well turn around and go back. The stakes are very high, and failure is not an option. The only way to win is to have a perfect driving performance and some luck on your side. The game's length is somewhat indicative of its complexity, with 30 levels in all.


There are straightforward stages, and there are challenging ones as well. The roadways are also dotted with speed-reducing humps. There are various bridges, high-ups, and gaps that need large leaps along the journey.

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