Raft Wars 2
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Raft Wars 2

Raft Wars 2

The most recent installment of the Raft Wars series is called Raft Wars 2, and it challenges players to fight their way through a cute-themed environment in order to find hidden riches.

How to Play

Your new home is in Raft Wars 2! You are cordially welcome to participate in the fun and thrilling game Raft Wars 2! The first thing that has to be done is to remove the paint bucket from the swimming pool. The exciting part of the journey starts after that. In this physics-based puzzle game with a sidescrolling perspective, the sequel to Raft Wars will task you with overcoming a number of physics-based problems. You can fire off a shot after aiming with your mouse, after which you may choose the height and depth.


You may choose whatever weapon you want, and then aim it at your opponents and shoot tennis balls at them to take them out. You may employ upgrades to prepare both your raft and your ammo for the decisive combat that lies ahead. You really cannot afford to lose this fight; else, your riches may be taken away.

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