Tunnel Rush
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Tunnel Rush

Tunnel Rush

Tunnel Rush is a great hypercasual game where you have to run as fast as you can through a long, dangerous tunnel.


Tunnel Rush is a great 3D running game that takes you on exciting adventures through a colorful kaleidoscope. Tunnel Rush is a popular game made by the British company Deer Cat Games. You'll have an amazing time because the graphics and sound are so good. You can roll and slide through the brightly colored maze. Sometimes it will be boring and boring. Sometimes, you'll be amazed by the rainbow of colors it shows. Tunnel Rush looks great, but it is very dangerous. You can also race against your friends in 2-player mode to see who can stay alive the longest.

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Try to avoid dangers and be ready for them.
Tunnel Rush moves quickly, but you have a lot of time to get through each obstacle.


Left and right arrow keys / A, D - Move left and right
Space - Pause / restart