Adventures with Pets! Bubble Shooter

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Adventures with Pets! Bubble Shooter is an interesting game in which you need to pop all bubbles and renovate the garden


Gardenland is on the brink of extinction! A strange storm blasted through town, turning everyone into furry friends! Who was the perpetrator and what was the motivation for this? It's time to break the bubbles, rebuild the garden, and unveil the mystery's villain! Embark on a journey through the rainbow! Find out what's going on with Alice and her fuzzy companions. Shoot and match bubbles intelligently to beat hundreds of stages in a fascinating adventure and develop the best garden along the way. Every action counts when it comes to solving complex puzzle puzzles!


In this addicting game, pop bubbles, decorate the garden, and foil Merrig the Witch's evil plans! Restore the garden that was damaged by the raging storm! In this action-packed match-3 puzzle shooting game, blast bubbles! Dive into the characters' hardships in this unique and one-of-a-kind Gardenland story! Save your animal friends that have become trapped in bubble cages! Choose attractive outfits to go with the changing seasons in Gardenland! Music that is both relaxing and entertaining for a bubble-blowing game!


You need to aim the mouse in the direction you wish to shoot the ball.
You can throw the ball with a left-click