Snow Rider 3D Nostalgia
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Snow Rider 3D Nostalgia

Snow Rider 3D Nostalgia

Snow Rider 3D Nostalgia is a thrilling version of Snow Rider 3D and your main task is to control a sled passing all obstacles in the beautiful snowy theme.

How to play

Following the same rules as the original version,  Snow Rider 3D Nostalgia requires your controlling skills as you need to control a sled and go through various types of obstacles including snowballs, trees, rocks, and more. You also need to collect all stars and gifts to enhance your score. This is an endless game so that do not forget to try your best to reach the highest score on the leaderboard. Snow Rider 3D Nostalgia is also the best choice for someone who is waiting for a racing game with a beautiful white snow theme.

Features of Snow Rider 3D Nostalgia

  • A game following the same rules as Snow Rider 3D.
  • Beautiful snow theme with blue and white main color.
  • An endless racing game.
  • Require controlling and balance skills.
  • Reach the highest score on the board.
  • Free with no download.

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  • You may use the arrow keys on the keyboard, either the left and right arrow keys or the A and D keys to control the sled.
  • To make a leap with your hammer, use the W key, the up arrow key, or the space bar.