Autocross Madness

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Autocross Madness is a fun car adventure game where you have to combine balls and try to get through all the levels as quickly as possible.


Autocross Madness has a lot of levels, and many of them can be used in different ways to help players get through them faster. Pay attention to what you can see. Players can still test their math skills by putting together balls with different numbers based on what the level asks. There are a lot of things that can help players get through customs faster, keep making more numbers, and get really high rewards for doing so.

Key features

All of the racing scenes are shown in 3D mode, and they look very real. All players can see the best graphics, which are a perfect copy of the real racing scene.
It has the simplest and easiest control system, and all of the battlefields are very flat.


Use your mouse to play this game!