Backflip Maniac
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Backflip Maniac

Backflip Maniac

Backflip Maniac is an excellent parkour-adventure game in which the objective is to make your character jump as high as possible.

Instructions for the Backflip Maniac

In the video game Backflip Parkour, the objective is to earn cool points by landing each jump in the designated location. You need to take a step forward, then a backward leap to flip a dummy that is perched on a platform (such as a roof or truck), and then you need to land in the middle of the square on the landing platform. As time passes, you will notice that the heights of the buildings continue to rise, and it will become increasingly impossible for you to pinpoint the specific location in which you are. Put your talents to the test by flipping, estimating your timing and power, and putting the results of these activities to the test. If you have two ticks remaining at the end of the level, you will be successful. If this is not the case, you will need to start over and complete everything once more.

Main Features

  • Explore unfamiliar locales and take pleasure in the journey.
  • Bonus round: Make the most of the opportunity.
  • Make use of letters to get away from the ape.
  • Keep running and pick up as many helpful power-ups as you can along the way.

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