Ball Tales - The Holy Treasure

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Arcade game Ball Tales - The Holy Treasure presents players with 45 increasingly difficult puzzles to solve.


Solving a ball problem is much simpler than solving a puzzle. If you let yourself get swept up in the adventure, you can boost their chances of success. Everyone may go freely in the woods. Not everyone who comes here is for financial gain; others are only inquisitive. These two youngsters had heard of a hidden treasure in a storybook and set out to find it. They're in deep difficulty now.

Get gold by jumping from platform to platform, then utilize it or it's goods to help you beat the game. Don't let your integrity falter. It's safe to tackle challenging tasks and make progress. You'll also find plenty of gold coins to hoard. During the course of three different worlds, you'll go through 45 unique stages.


Use W,A,D controls for keyboard.