Ball Throw Fight

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Ball Throw Fight is a terrific hypercasual game, and the primary objective of the game is to use the Slide mechanic to collect balls and grow them in size.

The rules for Ball Throw Fight

Ball Throw Fight is a light-hearted take on the classic monster fighting genre. You just need to roll to kill the monsters or fire the balls to knock them back, and increasing your strength will make it much simpler to earn more intriguing skins that are already ready for you to utilize.

Throughout the course of the game, you will have the opportunity to gather power-ups that provide them with momentary advantages, such as quicker flippers. You may also have fun playing with many balls at once, and you have the power to move the table in order to change the path that the ball takes. The addition of these power-ups brings an additional dimension of strategy and excitement to the game. The fact that fresh backdrops may be used makes the game much more intriguing.


  • Experience the rush of playing virtual pinball tables and relive your youth.
  • Rules that are similar to those found on actual pinball tables
  • drawings bathed in neon that is very stunning
  • Gameplay that is both fast-paced and simple to pick up and play
  • Take advantage of upgrades as you make progress.

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