Banana Duck

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Play as a baby duckling in the fantastic adventure game Banana Duck, where you'll experience a unique take on classic gameplay while satisfying your potassium desire.

Banana Duck User Guide

All you have to do to win Banana Duck is chase after bananas and steer clear of potentially harmful veggies. The funny notion of the hard game Banana Duck makes it entertaining. If you want to laugh and enjoy some amusement, this is a terrific option. You should aim to gather the bananas that are strewn across the level, as your duckling could have a craving for them. They might be employed as a way to advance in the game as well as a score system. Because Banana Duck offers simple controls, players of all skill levels may enjoy the game.


  • Incredibly intricate landscapes and characters
  • Support for HD Power-ups
  • Adaptive Gaming Engine
  • Many accomplishments must be unlocked
  • distinct and difficult gameplay

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