Battle Island 2
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Battle Island 2

Battle Island 2

You are about to go on a journey in Battle Island 2, in which you will be tasked with eliminating your adversaries and collecting all of the power-ups.

Instructions for Battle Island 2

You will be required to engage in combat on an island that is a great illustration of the Pokemon-style, and you will be able to combine animals that are similar to one another. Discovering islands that are teeming with formidable monsters and knowledgeable trainers is a need. The only way to make money is to take part in tactical combat. Although the monsters come in a wide variety of shapes, they may be classified into two categories: ranged and melee. It is imperative that you remember to cultivate your monsters and perfect your fighting strategies in order to triumph over every adversary in your pursuit of dominion.

Main Features

  • The exploration and conquering of the whole earth on a map of enormous proportions.
  • In order to make strategic advancements, the technological tree.
  • Participants will be encouraged to participate via events and contests.

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