Beggar Clicker

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You are required to take on the role of a beggar and make as much money as you can in the clicker game known as Beggar Clicker, which is a terrific game that you can play without payment.

How to play Beggar Clicker

You must click or tap on the screen in order to produce as much money as you possibly can in order to win the game known as Beggar Clicker. You only need to keep tapping in order to collect more gold and discover how you may level up more fast. When you go through the cards of other beggars, you may also learn about the heartwarming tales they have to tell.

Key Features

  • A game that is both relaxing and entertaining to play
  • To kick and fling items, you need to make use of realistic physics.
  • Perfect for relaxing and having fun with casual gaming as well
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