Similar Games

One of the most well-known and difficult games is called Bloxorz, and its objective is to move a block into a hole without letting it slide over the edge of the screen.

How to Play

The name of the game gives away the objective, which is to maneuver the blocks such that they land in the square openings at the conclusion of each level. Every new level will be much more challenging than the one before it! The "heavy" x-shaped switches and the "soft" Avalon switches are the two varieties available. You have the ability to choose the individual building block that you wish to utilize at any given moment by using the space bar.


The weight of the little blocks is insufficient for them to trigger any of the other switches, hence they are only useful for the switch shaped like a circle.
Switches provide for a diverse array of possible actions to be carried out. It is imperative that you pay attention.