Brainstorming 2D

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You need to discover colored grid edges with squares inside of them in every slider issue in Brainstorming 2D, which is one of the most puzzling games imaginable.

How to Play Brainstorming 2D

It is sufficient to remove all of the blocks that are confined inside the boundaries of the grid in order to emerge victorious in Brainstorming 2D. In order to complete this task, you will need to locate colored grid borders that contain squares. Additionally, it is necessary for you to eliminate any block that is confined inside the boundaries of the grid. The game is quite engrossing, despite the fact that it is a simple one, and there are a great number of puzzles to complete. 

Main Features

  • There are hundreds of games and puzzles for you to investigate.
  • Play over the internet or offline.
  • Try your hand at some challenging questions and puzzle games.

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