Brave Squad

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The incredible clicker game known as Brave Squad tasks players with building a squad of heroes, each with their own set of powers and talents.

Instructions for the Brave Squad

This courageous band of heroes would like to extend an invitation for you to join them on an exciting journey. In order to succeed in Brave Squad, you will need to face off against a wide variety of foes and constantly improve either your weaponry or your heroes. For every assignment that you accomplish successfully, you will be rewarded with both money and improvements. You may either spend it on purchasing new weapons or upgrading the ones you already have.

Interesting Features

  • Make sure your strategies are ready to face the adversary.
  • You and your pals may play together as you arm yourself with various weapons.
  • Find the greatest collection of weaponry ever seen in an action game.
  • Participate in difficult shoot 'em-up games that span numerous levels.
  • Experience the thrill of this action-packed video game, which comes complete with simple gameplay, formidable bosses, and a wide range of adversaries.

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