Bubble Shooter Soccer 2

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You have to fire a ball toward two or more identical balls in the intriguing game Bubble Shooter Soccer 2, which was inspired by the original Bubble Shooter.


It is essentially a soccer-themed bubble shooter game. The player must direct a ball towards two or more objects of the same color in order to knock the balls out of the rows. They may make use of a targeting mechanism to line up the shot (a color-matched, dotted line). Like other bubble shooters, they have to get rid of the balls.


The balls must be taken out of the screen. You are being supported by soccer supporters in this area. The shooter is also visible under the ball lines. Thus, the ball is seen in your hand. It's crucial to prepare your move in advance and to position the ball in the ideal location. Aim for clusters of bubbles with the same color as your current bubble. If you can pop out a couple balls, you will get points.