Bubble Shooter Wheel
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Bubble Shooter Wheel

Bubble Shooter Wheel

Bubble Shooter Wheel is an online game 0 a special shooter game where you may have the opportunity to experience the feeling of finding a rotating wheel of bubbles.

In Bubble Shooter Wheel, prepare yourself to be on a bright-colored adventure. Within the bright-colored world of the bubble shooter game, there are several bubbles to pop! Are you set to see if you are fast enough to clear all the bubbles in this particular level?

A captivating world of bubbles awaits you in this fun game. Are you set to feast your eyes on colors and discover when you can be fast enough to earn a higher score? Let's start participating in and discovering! 


You need to complete the game by collecting all bubbles on the wheel

You can shoot the bubble towards the wheels. That will help you to make the group of at leat three bubbles of the same color

Your points will be reduced with time, thus, you need to finish the fame as early as you can to save more points


Use your mouse or tap the screen to play the game

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