Christmas Night of Horror
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Christmas Night of Horror

Christmas Night of Horror

This year, scare yourself with Christmas Night of Horror, an engaging horror game in which you play Santa Claus and must gather presents while evading the forces of darkness.


This Christmas, scare yourself silly with the terrifying first-person shooter, Christmas Night Of Horror. There are a wide variety of creatures and serial murderers you will have to face. You have to rescue seven Santas and recover seven presents from Momo and his minions.

The Golden Rule of Success

People have either perished or run away from here, so you'll have to start again. It would seem that Momo and his wicked minions have ruined Christmas and taken over the region.

Invoke demons like Momo, Slenderman, and Siren Head, and have them come to your gun.


Moving using the W, A, S, and D Keys. Use the mouse to point and click to fire.

When you press the ESC key, your mouse cursor will be locked.

Pressing the Shift> key simultaneously causes rapid movement.

Pressing the space bar causes the speaker to leap forward.

E = Interact with and use items.