Cut the Rope: Experiments
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Cut the Rope: Experiments

Cut the Rope: Experiments

In Cut the Rope: Experiments, you must finish over 200 puzzle levels by unlocking secret prizes, gathering gold stars, and finishing hidden levels.

Cut the Rope: Experiments instructions

All you have to do to win Cut the Rope Experiments is assist this eco-friendly boy in touching every candied item on each level. To get the highest score possible, figure out the optimal sequence for cutting the ropes. Then, attempt to gather every star. To earn a perfect score, don't forget to gather the stars. Moreover, strive to avoid making any snap decisions. In the upper-right corner of the screen, you can see how many stars you have gathered. With its wonderful graphics and lovely characters, this game is ideal for kids of all ages.


  • There are countless levels to test your skills.
  • Numerous new characters have been added.
  • Physics and graphics have both been enhanced.
  • Receive Updates for Free
  • Entertaining animations

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