Cyberpunk Surgery Master

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Cyberpunk Surgery Master

To repair the robot's body, you must patch its limbs in Cyberpunk Surgery Master.

Guidelines for Cyberpunk Surgery Master

By developing and improving cyborgs, you can win Cyberpunk Surgery Master game. Cyberpunks that get into trouble also need to be treated. The fighting system in the game is rather complex and makes use of weaponry, skill improvements, and augmentations. All of these fascinating components and traits are encapsulated in an engrossing narrative set across the city. After that, a safe house will be your destination to master the fundamentals of the game.


  • Experience the greatest adrenaline-filled cyberpunk game ever!
  • A universe full of intricate NPCs
  • There is a vast array of equipment with a cyberpunk vibe accessible.
  • Pervasive Storytelling
  • PC-focused
  • No Cost to Play

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