Dog Puzzle Story 2

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Dog Puzzle Story 2 is a popular match-3 game in which you must generate power-ups to advance in the wonderful theme!


Dog Puzzle Story 2 - There are hundreds of stages in this puzzle game. In the panel on your left, you can see the level goals for this puzzle-based dog game. This panel displays you which things you need to clear and how many movements you have remaining to complete your objectives.


Prepare to conquer difficult mazes! The quest begins with a straightforward match-up game. But your mind will be functioning quicker than you can say "tortureproof" in no time. Because each labyrinth is unique, you'll need to employ all of your brainpower.

Each level should be finished in the fewest number of moves feasible. When you accomplish your objectives, all of the remaining turns will be converted into explosives. This will enable you to get a lot of additional points and a three-star rating.