Doodle Jumping: Christmas

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Doodle Jumping: Christmas is a thrilling doodle in which you will be tasked with assisting the Doodler in bouncing as high and as far as possible while avoiding the obstacles that are represented by the Christmas trees.

Detailed Instructions for Doodle Jumping: Christmas

In order to emerge victorious in Doodle Jumping: Christmas, all you need to do is steer your avatar while avoiding potentially hazardous obstacles. In addition to including all of the aspects that were well-liked in the first installment, the game has also included additional elements to make it more entertaining. In order for Doodler to destroy the monsters and avoid falling, he has to be led through the platforms.

Main Features

  • The game Doodle Jumping Christmas is not only a fun method to play, but it also takes you on a trip that will transport you into a world that is filled with joy and warmth.
  • You will have a greater sense of excitement if you complete tasks.
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