Drive and Jive 2

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You must navigate the roads and overcome the obstacles in Drive and Jive 2, one of the most difficult installments in the Drive Mad series.

What to do with Drive Mad 8: Drive and Jive 2

New mechanics including elevators, tunnels, and barricades are included in Mad 8: Drive and Jive 2, continuing the impossible driving experience. There are 38 tiers to choose from.


You'll be taking paths that are predicated on equilibrium. While success in certain games is contingent on chance, most levels can be beaten with enough practice.

When operating a turbocharged car, for instance, you may anticipate extended airtime and rapid acceleration. Expect rough pavement if you drive a tracked vehicle. Like the other games in the series, it calls for a lot of game control skills. This is of critical importance for those who drive for extended periods of time without stopping.