Drive Kids

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It's your job to pilot the trucks along the roads and around the obstacles in Drive Kids, one of the most entertaining installments in the Drive Mad series.

How to Play

There are more stages and challenges in Drive Mad 6: Kids than in any of the other entries in the series. There are certain stages that have hills, lifts, and flatter terrain, as well as those with straighter roadways. We predict that this time around, the vast majority of participants will see the episode through to its conclusion. In the show Drive Mad, anything may happen, and becoming stranded is a distinct possibility.


There won't be any dips on the road, but there will be some inclines and lifts to help you get where you're going. Just keep going till you reach your destination. It's challenging to strike a good gaming-difficulty balance. This one's a piece of cake, but the following one will test your mettle.

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