Drive Winter
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Drive Winter

Drive Winter

You'll have to guide your vehicle through the snow and ice in Drive Winter, an excellent driving game with a wintry atmosphere.

How to play

Fun and different from other driving games, Drive Mad2: Winter has charming pixel art. You, in your 4x4 vehicle, will navigate a course dotted with ramps, bridges, and other challenges.


You had your pickup truck's wheels changed so that it could handle the snow and ice. It can now traverse more challenging terrains, but the handling is terrible. When you mash on the throttle pedal unexpectedly, the wheels spin.

Your vehicle will overturn as a result of this. Successful completion of this task requires you to avoid becoming trapped, toppling over, or plunging down the edge of the cliff.

You can pull off incredible tricks on different platforms, but you'll need to keep your speed and balance under control. Even after applying full throttle, there are instances when you just have to ease up on the gas and let the car go.

There are several hazards and traps that you will need to avoid. It may be necessary to restart the process from the beginning in order to finally succeed. Your automobile is not rendered useless for amusement purposes.

To proceed, use the W, A, S, D, arrow keys, Z, or keys.
Variations, Spaceflight Progress, and the Next Frontier


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