Extreme Delivery
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Extreme Delivery

Extreme Delivery

In Extreme Delivery, your goal is to be the best driver possible by navigating your vehicle around various hazards. Amazing visuals are waiting for you.

Rules of Playing Extreme Delivery

Maintain pliability in the brake pedal and the steering wheel. To get to the finish line without getting hurt, you can safely perform a wide variety of daring stunts and aerial maneuvers. Many stunning visuals and exciting new challenges await you. To the best of your ability, please try to reach the end.

A steady mind and deft fingerwork on the accelerator, keys, and steering wheel are necessities for what appears to be a breeze. Choose your favorite sports car, then personalize its engine and paint job for some old-school racing fun. Next, get in a line at the starting line. You can speed around stadium tracks or simply ride along with the wind in the countryside.


Use the keyboard and mouse to play.

Proceed with W D X Up Arr R to advance.

Backward: S, A, Z, The Down, and Left Arrows

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