FireBlob Winter
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FireBlob Winter

FireBlob Winter

An intriguing arcade puzzle game, FireBlob Winter tests players by using the ball's heating ability to melt ice and fulfill various objectives.

Game Rules

Continuing on from the success of FireBlob, here comes the winter sequel. With improved visuals, it has 80 challenging stages and a climactic boss fight. Fireblob Winter is a 2D cartoon pixel art adventure game with a side-scrolling perspective. For each level's ice block platforms, you'll need to demonstrate a high jumping or quick-moving skill.


To light a fire using wood, you may order a tiny fireball to go to the wood and ignite it.

Melt the ice using the ball's heat powers or utilize things from the level to help him out.


Controls for Edge

  • Arrow keys to move.
  • H, up Arrow, or space bar to jump

Controls for Other Browsers

  • A, D, or arrow keys to move
  • H, W, up arrow, or Space to jump
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