Fit Cats

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The puzzle game known as Fit Cats needs players to join two cats of the same size in order to produce a cat that is bigger than the other two.

Instructions for Fit Cats

Have you ever had a cat? For those who are passionate about cats, Fit Cats is an excellent game. To win, all you have to do is pack as many cats as possible inside the box. If two cats of the same size come into contact with one another, they end up merging together. If the cat takes a tumble and falls out of the box, the game is finished. In order to get rid of the cats, you may utilize the mouse. You should make an effort to do it in such a way that you end up with two cats that are similar in size, shape, and color. Because there is no time restriction or move limit, you are free to play at whichever pace you find most comfortable!

Principal Features

  • Experience the thrill of being in the company of naughty and attractive cats.
  • Your CAT approach may be transformed into a treasure-filled sanctuary.
  • You have your choice of hundreds of items.
  • Your CATS' feeding, cleaning, and overall care and attention

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