Flex Run 3D
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Flex Run 3D

Flex Run 3D

It is anticipated that Flex Run 3D will emerge as a prominent contender among the most popularly played games in the year 2023. The primary objective is to go around various obstacles and furnishings prior to initiating an attack.

Instructions for Flex Run 3D

Flex Run 3D is a yoga arcade simulation game that utilizes 3D models of cartoons and furnishings. This game is compatible with Snow Rider 3D and is available for free. The drag controls facilitate the manipulation of one or two characters. The game can be successfully completed by executing a handstand followed by performing the splits, all while maintaining an upright position on both legs to prevent any contact with the furniture.

Main Features

  • Experience a leisurely and enjoyable informal game
  • The task of surpassing 100 levels presents a formidable challenge.
  • Please locate further yoga asanas.
  • Pleasurable auditory stimuli, including music and sound effects.
  • Increase revenue by strategically navigating around impediments.

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