Foxy Land 2

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In the exciting adventure game Foxy Land 2, your goal is to gather as much money and cherries as possible before facing off against the Wolfie brothers in the game's climactic showdown.

How to Play

The video game Foxy Land 2 is an adventure game that includes a variety of different levels and creatures. It is an excellent follow-up to the first installment of the Foxy Land series. You can only rescue your children if you finish all of the stages.

Take extra precautions if you are on elevated platforms. In order to prevent falling through the holes, you need to jump high. Also, you have the ability to gather money, which may then be used to purchase respawns after you loose.

Also, it is important that you do not get stressed out, destroy all of your enemies, gather as many coins as you can, and travel as quickly as you can.


You can navigate about by pressing A and D, jump with the W key, and double-jump by hitting it twice.

If you are Player 1, shoot with G; if you are Player 2, shoot with L.