Fruit Connect
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Fruit Connect

Fruit Connect

The puzzle game Fruit Connect has a total of nine different levels. Your objective is to select tiles while exercising logic and exercising patience.


You have a limited amount of time to match icons of fruits, vegetables, and flowers that are identical in order to progress through all nine stages of this game. They can be matched when they are on the same line, when they are upside down, or when they are matched across. The option to make a positive change in your life is available to you with Fruit Connect. Just clicking on the component will show you the hint. The light will emanate from the combination of two glowing bricks.

Unfortuitously, you won't be able to finish it after that point in time. If you are seeking the best matches, you need to concentrate your attention on them and you should also strain your eyes. They can be arranged either next to one another or in parallel lines. The number of problems that can arise between them should be limited to no more than a single broken line.

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