Fruit Master

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Fruit Faster is an online game in which you need to throw the knives carefully and make an effort to slash multiple fruits at once in order to bonus score.

They say that whenever life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade. A mixologist's life is so nice that you’ve been given plenty of different fruits to utilize to make delightful fruits cocktails and juices in the wildly popular game, Fruit Master.
Get behind the bar and get your knives to put up a tropical show as you slice and cut different fruits to get ready refreshing juices.
Have you got the abilities of a specialist mixologist or will your knives end up in places that they shouldn't?
Fruit Master can be an addictive game where you can obstacle yourself as you make an effort to fill up the mixing machine with various fruit drinks by slicing the tropical fruits you’re given at each level.
Take the role of a mixologist and begin sharpening those knives!
Your objective in this fantastic game is to put knives at the many fruits circling in the air to make different cocktails and complete each level without falling.
Who recognized working behind a bar required such remarkable knife-throwing skills?

To experience the game, put your knives at the fruits by simply clicking the game screen.
With each successful put, your knife will slice the fruits and the portions will be poured into the mixer.
Near the top of the screen, you can view the level bar. To pass an even, you have to fill up that bar by setting up cocktails.
It’s not absolutely all as easy as it sounds, though. When you clear the fruits, you'll be still left with fewer of these. These fruits are constantly active and the fewer there are, the harder it'll be going to them.
If you miss fruits and your knife flies past them, you will eventually lose the particular level and you’ll have to begin all over again. Can you reach them all?
Fruits are delightful and we've many other video games on our website which include even more tasty things. Have a look at our assortment of food video games for more!

There are 100 exciting levels featuring awesome fruits for you

The game is made by toplay


You need to use mouse or tap screen to control the game