Geometry Dash Meltdown
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Geometry Dash Meltdown

Geometry Dash Meltdown

You are tasked with guiding a cube past obstacles and maintaining control of it in Geometry Dash Meltdown, which is one of the most popular games in the Geometry Dash series.

Instructions for Geometry Dash Meltdown

It is possible to win the game Geometry Dash Meltdown by conquering the paths that are littered with thorns, hazardous beasts, and other potential obstacles. It is necessary to have coordination and accuracy in order to perform the rhythm since it is dependent on time. Quickly tapping twice will allow you to leap higher and clear larger distances. You may personalize the experience by adding new colors, effects, and patterns to your cube avatar. This allows you to make the experience more special.

Main Features

  • You have the ability to design your own levels and challenges. Put on the music that you like listening to the most.
  • During this game, we are able to see all of our statistics.
  • You have the option of manually placing your checkpoints or using the automated checkpoint system.

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  • You may hop by right-clicking or using the spacebar.
  • When you want to set up test points, use the Z-key.
  • Make use of the X key in order to cross the last checkpoint.