Get The Milk
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Get The Milk

Get The Milk

You must navigate the roads and avoid the obstacles in Get The Milk, one of the most difficult installments in the Drive Mad series.

Next up on How to Play Get The Milk is a trip to the mall. Nonetheless, business as usual will be maintained. The current phase's rallying cry is "Go Get the Milk!" After driving to the milk market, getting back home will be a major hassle. Don't be fooled by the size of your tires and the speed of your automobile.

Game Regulations

Many different strategies exist for evading difficulties. You can either go in front of the gas and pedal it, or you can get in front of the pedals and accelerate. Even if your driving is perfect, you will get stopped.

The threshold between success and failure is so finely calibrated that even a little deviation may have a profound impact. Stay committed to your goals and never stop making an effort.

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