Giant Rush!
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Giant Rush!

Giant Rush!

Giant Rush! is a terrific action-arcade game like Healing Rush and Uphill Rush 10 in which the player must board a vehicle and overcome all obstacles in an effort to get stronger.

The hypercasual action game Giant Rush includes both giants and monsters. Monster battles and a deadly arena. In offline combat games, you board a vehicle, race through an obstacle course, merge large blobs, and engage in combat with enormous animals. Brawl games: Fight the massive monster with a sword and evade incoming blows to defeat the opponent. Your stickman hero will prevail in battle based on your strategies. Create a formidable blob runner warrior to annihilate your opponent in offline battle games.

How to Win

To run, click and hold the left mouse button.
To strafe, move the cursor to the left or right.
Special floor tiles can be used to represent your personality. Utilize the corresponding objects to enlarge your protagonist.
Utilize coins collected at the beginning of each game to acquire bonuses.
To defeat the boss monster, rapidly click the left mouse button (LMB).

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