God simulator

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God simulator is an awesome game in which you need to choose the cult, difficulty and a country to get started


The best free religion strategy game! In the popular sandbox strategy genre, this is a top-tier god simulator. Make yourself a God! Bring the entire world together in one faith! Create your own distinct religion! Language assistance: English/French/German/Spanish/Portuguese/Thai/Turkish/Hindi/Korean/Russian
To begin, select a cult, a difficulty level, and a country/territory. Following the selection of the territory, you will begin to gain believers in that territory. The number of years that have passed will be displayed in the upper-right corner of the game. Every year, you make a little progress toward your long-term goal of having all of the people in the world have unconditional faith in your religion; gain believers, enlighten them, and raise fanaticism to the point where you can have violent followers.


GET READY FOR DIFFICULTIES Acquire various abilities from various distribution methods to divine miracles. Adapt to the changing countries, developments, and challenges.
CONQUER THE ENTIRE WORLD Think like a strategist, devise strategies, track your every move, and consider the tactics for spreading religion around the world and conquering it!


You need to use your mouse to control this game