Heads Up Skibidi

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In Heads Up Skibidi, a derivative game based on the original Skibidi toilet game, the primary objective is to get the ball into the pickers' mouths as quickly as possible.

Tutorial on how to Play Heads Up Skibidi 

Heads Up Skibidi is a fun online game that can be played for free at Snow Rider 3D. Playing as the Skibidi Head and getting the ball into the poo-picker's mouth is required for victory in this game. Be careful as the poop picker tries to gather as many poop samples as possible. You can begin this great experience right now, and we hope that you won't stop there because today is just the beginning of more amazing games that you will be able to play in the future.

Main Features

  • It is humorous yet being simple to comprehend.
  • Exploring the dungeons is another pretty interesting thing to do.
  • Epic fights against the game's bosses
  • There is a wide variety of potential consequences.
  • Items that can be collected

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