Healing Driver

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The primary goal of Healing Driver, a gamified instructional application, is to maximize the number of patients rescued.

Healing Driver instructions

The Healing Driver was developed by Everplay. The game can be successfully completed by strategically assigning patients to beds and providing appropriate medical attention in accordance with their presenting symptoms. Upon the patient's successful recovery, you will be granted financial compensation which can be allocated towards enhancing the hospital infrastructure and augmenting the personnel resources. The game, while straightforward in its mechanics, has a multitude of problems. The individual will assume the role of an ambulance driver tasked with swiftly traversing urban thoroughfares in order to expeditiously transport patients to medical facilities, engaging in a race against the constraints of time. The efficacy of the Healing Driver can be assessed not only by the quantification of lives preserved, but also by the attainment of financial incentives. Profits can be generated through the provision of medical treatment to patients. The provision in question serves as an essential and indispensable resource for any healthcare facility.

Main Features

  • The management of diverse levels and categories of infection
  • This game can be experienced in either an active mode or an idle mode.
  • Please consider expanding the hospital's infrastructure and treatment facilities in order to accommodate the growing demand for healthcare services.
  • One potential strategy for mitigating violence is the incorporation of leisure content.
  • Additional pros to consider hiring

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