Highway Racer 3D
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Highway Racer 3D

Highway Racer 3D

In the fantastic 3D racing game Highway Racer, you must push your vehicle over obstacles while attempting to go as quickly as you can.


You may race along the highway in Highway Racer while avoiding automobiles. To get extra points, you may drive faster, dodge traffic, and take chances like swerving or driving on the other side of the road.


You may play four different game modes on this version, including time attack, speed bomb, one-way, two-way, and time attack. While two-way mode permits lanes to go in the opposite direction, one-way mode only allows lanes to move in one direction. The time assault option has a time restriction. You may operate a vehicle loaded with explosives while playing speed bomb mode. The explosives will go off if you take significant damage or if you come into contact with them. Various phases, such as night, sunny, or rainy, are also options.


There are many different automobile types available, including trucks, vintage sedans, and contemporary sports cars.
There are three highway courses where you may accelerate and four single-player modes.
You may engage in online competition with other players in multiplayer mode.
Your vehicle's performance may be upgraded, as well as its appearance.


W or up Arrow AD (left/right arrow) may be used to accelerate the vehicle.
handbrake position

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