Hugie Wugie Runner
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Hugie Wugie Runner

Hugie Wugie Runner

Hugie Wugie Runner is a fun racing game with the Hugie theme where you have to avoid obstacles and get batteries.


This game is for you if you appreciate playing sports video games. span info v-1751de80 Hugie Wugie manages to get away from the crowd, but he first needs to get the battery so he can recharge. To get over the challenge, he must be the best player.


  • A three-minute activity
  • There are numerous food options.
  • 3D graphics with engaging effects
  • Easy, Medium, and Hard are the three levels of difficulty.
  • Due of how excellent and captivating it is, this game is a fantastic way to unwind.
  • Hugie Wugie Runner is appropriate for both kids and grownups. Be careful because Little Rider is addictive!

Use backward/forward to balance the bike. 

Use the up / down arrow key to move the bike.

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