Idle Breakout

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In the classic game Idle Breakout, you must click on the colored blocks to collect as much money as you can in order to win.


An updated spin-off of the famous Atari Breakout game called Idle Breakout, which you can play right now for free online. You may choose from a variety of balls with varying speeds and properties. These balls may be bought at the store and used to disassemble the colored bricks to earn money.

Rules for Success

If upgrades are not carried out in a sequential manner, they cost more each time. In addition to the balls, you can also buy power-ups that last for a certain period of time. For instance, the click fury powerup enables you to click anywhere to produce power balls once every 30 seconds.


  • A dormant version of the iconic Atari Breakout game
  • The same parameter applied to several balls
  • The number of bricks represents the number of bricks that must be demolished.
  • Engaging gameplay