Idle Startup Tycoon

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Idle Startup Tycoon is an exciting game in which you need to grow your startup empire and thanks to this, you can become a high-tech billionaire tycoon in this idle simulation game.

Increase your startup empire and become a higher-tech billionaire tycoon in this idle simulation game.
Start multiple startups such as a food delivery O2O app, a mobile game company, a ridesharing app, a live streaming app, Internet of Things (IoT) endeavor, infosec, drones, Artificial Intelligence(AI), and undoubtedly, suborbital space tourism set up.
Code a setup idea in an awesome coworking space.
Copy it to the cloud servers.
Then, go on to the Sales Managers to make money. Upgrade your money collection efficiency at multiple strategic stations.
Too tired to click? Hire complex smartly dressed managers to automate your jobs.
Earn coins when you sleeping, from your multiple start-up ventures.
Appeal to investors to purchase your start-ups, and cash out with a lot of earnings.
Performed we say, hi-tech billionaire? No, we mean trillionaire, because this game is perfect for real.

You will code a start-up idea in a cool coworking space
you also need to Upgrade your cash collection efficiency at multiple strategic stations
You need to attract investors to your start-ups, and then you have to cash out with various profits.

The game is made by MarketJS


You need to use your mouse to control