Jumping Ball

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This is a game called Jumping Ball, and it's a lot of fun to play with your pals.

Guidelines for playing Jumping Ball

Enjoy unlimited leaps! These buried treasures will assist you in boosting your ball and earning more cash. The in-game shop offers a variety of amazing skins to choose from. Create a look for your character that is exactly as you want it to be, and show off your one-of-a-kind sense of style. Always keep in mind that you may improve the characteristics of your ball as you go through the game. Jumping Ball features beautiful visuals and excellent music in the background. In addition to that, the gameplay is both enjoyable and challenging, and anybody may enjoy it.

Main Features

  • Simple and entertaining gameplay
  • The music and images in 3D are really breathtaking.
  • There are several difficulty settings available for each individual level.
  • Altering a character's appearance, or "skin," is one way to personalize them.

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Utilise the right and left arrow keys to move the ball.

Use the up arrow key to make the ball jump.

Make use of the down arrow keys to prevent the ball from bouncing in front of a potentially hazardous obstruction.