Kick the Dahmer
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Kick the Dahmer

Kick the Dahmer

In the fantastic action clicker game Kick the Dahmer, you must destroy, fire, and blast objects using a metal rod as your source of power.


An action game called Kick the Dahmer is based on a TV program. You may torture a doll that has been made to look like Jeffrey Dahmer to get retribution. You may get new weapons and raise your score with each try.


You may give the serial kick gamer from Dahmer what he merits. You must continue to freeze and transmit the force of the free-kick game while also exploding, destroying, and blasting. Now that you have automatic guns, torture devices, rocket launchers and grenade launchers in addition to other weapons, your armament almost has no bounds.


Computer controls: click the mouse to play
Controls for tablets and mobile phones: To play, tap the screen.

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