Lether Race

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The racing genre is well represented in Leather Race, and the objective is to triumph over all of your rivals.

Instructions for the Leather Race

Now is the perfect opportunity to enter this lethal competition! During the race, you need to make the most of each springboard in order to do flips. It will increase your Nitro gauge and make it easier for you to win against the other rivals. To get access to the new vehicles, you will need to win several races and gather some cash. In addition to that, don't forget to improve each automobile. Invest in a better vehicle, and work on being the greatest driver you can be.

The Primary Characteristics

  • Gameplay based on a single touch
  • There are accessible enhancements as well as incentives.
  • Make use of the abilities granted by zombirds.
  • Finish more than 300 different tasks.
  • Discover 11 different destinations to go to.

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