Little Rider
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Little Rider

Little Rider

In the great rider game Little Rider, you must demonstrate your riding prowess and work hard to beat all of your rivals.


This is a video game about motocross. With suspensions and movements, the motorbike performs like a real motorbike. The rider reacts to bike movement. You will feel wonderful after playing this game. Have fun!


A three-minute game
Various things to eat
3D visuals with interesting effects
Three levels of difficulty: easy, medium, and hard
Because it is so fantastic and captivating, this game is a fantastic way to unwind!
Both children and adults can play Little Rider. The game is addictive, so use caution!


Keyboard: "Left Arrow," "Right Arrow," "Up Arrow," and "Down Arrow" Balance Bike: "Left Arrow," "Right Arrow," "Space Bar," and "Nos"

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